About me

Born in a beautiful city of St.-Petersburg, as a child, I taught myself how to draw. I knew already very early, what I want to do as an adult, is to have a creative work, that has to do something with art & design. As a teenager I lived in different countries, learned other languages and got to know other cultures. For my study I moved to Vienna, Austria and started the Graphic Design & Advertising class of univ. prof. Walter Lürzer at the University for applied Arts Vienna. After I successfully got my Master of Art Degree, I began to work in the advertising agency. Since then I have been working as an art director in the publishing houses designing magazines and as a freelancer having my own clients. Working on my own taught me a lot of new things and brought new responsibilities. Also having an opportunity to work in two very different fields like classic advertising and magazine design made my work expierience and knowledge a lot wider. I am an ambitious and creative person. I am very interested in human behavior, enthusiastic about design & photography, illustration & art is my passion.